Grid file for the 30 x 30 longmill MK 2

I am looking for a file to do the grid pattern on the 30 x 30 MK 2. I will not be using the whole 30 inches since I have the Vortex at the front of the machine The. final measurement is actually around 30 x 27. Any suggestions. Thank you

Hello Bret, this is what I made for my 30x30MK1.
So far I have not used the angles or the circles so maybe edit those and the text out. That is, if you like the centered layout I created.

Some people would likely prefer 0, 0 to be in the bottom left but the centered design works well for me. I burnt the grid in with a laser and that has worked really well if you have a laser. The fine lines make it easy to square up a piece etc.

Almost forgot, I have it in a crv file as well if you use Vectric products.
SpoilboardLaser.crv (525.5 KB)