Grinding sound going back and forth on the x axis

sounds like it is grabbing on my x axis. after a while i lose my zero position. grinding sound on short moves but sound smooth if i hold the button down.

Some other things to check. Is the anti-backlash block set too tight or crooked a little? You should be able to turn the lead screw by hand. You should feel some resistance but it shouldn’t be hard to turn by hand. To set the anti-backlash properly I loosen it until I can feel some play when grabbing the XZ carriage and moving it left to right then tighten just till the play goes away. To make sure it is not crooked you can loosen the mounting bolts and jog the machine slowly left and right and then re-tighten.

losing my mind on this , did what you said it helped the grinding a bit but just going left and right is stops and makes the sound when it is homing.

it goes left and right smooth for a while then out of nowhere it grinds to a halt. then releases after a second. never in the same spot.

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