gSender 0.6.7 Mac comms issue

Just installed gSender 0.6.7 on my Mac - Big Sur 27" iMac. I’m testing it with a gash Sainsmart CNC 3018 board, but it won’t connect.
I’ve checked the connection with a serial terminal and also with universal gcode sender - all connect just fine (across USB).
I notice that there’s no option to pick a port - I’m assuming that it’s ‘automatic’ and looking for a port that it can talk to with a m/c at the far end. That’s really not a great idea - especially when machines can have multiple ports and may also have multiple emulations running with their own ports that can get in the way.
Is there any way to pick-a-port-of-your-choosing from within gSender ?
Otherwise, looks very professional from an aesthetic standpoint ! (10/10 compared to Mach LOL).

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Hi Neil, I’ve seen reports of this elsewhere with some other machines. The port selection is auto-detected but allows you to select from a list of all the ports it detects so it’s not fully automatic. That being said, we filter the list of available ports to only the ones that should be compatible with gSender, though I think the filtering isn’t still fully bug-free.

I’ll be looking into this further in the coming weeks because it’s important to me that gSender is available to the whole range of GRBL-compatible machines

@theIgull1, the version coming this Friday will allow you to select ‘Unrecognized Devices’ and should solve your connection problem. Another thing we’ve been doing is grabbing device IDs for a variety of CNCs and adding them as ‘Recognized Devices’.

I recall we did this for 3018s for the latest update, but if you’re still not seeing it I’ve written some instruction on info you can send us so we can add it into the next gSender version:

@theIgull1 as of the new update, have you found you’re now able to connect to your machine via the ‘Unrecognized devices’ section in the ‘Connect’ dropdown?