gSender 0.7.0 Initial Bug Found

Sorry to bear bad news on the new beta release but here goes. I start the program and connect to my test arduino running GRBL 1.1 and all is fine. I load some gcode and again all is fine.

I hit test run button and the only thing that happens is the status block changes to “Checking Gcode File”. No activity on the visualizer and the bottom of the screen no longer shows the feed & speed controls. After a few minutes the status block changes back to IDLE. I’m guessing it has completed the checking with no errors.

I then hit start job and nothing happens. No tool movement, status block says IDLE, buttons change to Load File, Resume Job and Stop Job, no Pause Job. If I hit Resume Job then I get tool movement and viaualizer movement with the Pause Job and Stop Job buttons active. If I pause the job the tool and visualizer freeze and the status block shows HOLD as it should. However when I hit Resume Job it continues for a few seconds and stops again. This time showing IDLE status. I hit Resume Job again and it continues as normal showing RUNNING (Too many screens to show).

One last issue. If I start the program, connect successfully, load my gcode and hit Start Job nothing happens. I have to hit Resume Job to actually start the gcode.

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS.

I do have one other issue. It’s not specifically a gSender issue but when I start the program it loads in a normal window size. I can go into properties and changed it to maximized but it still loads in a normal window size. Is this maybe a Windows problem or the way gSender is configured?

Thanks all for your continued good work.

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Me again. An addendum to my initial post. I switched over to the console display while I went through the issues I found. For the Test Run problem with not showing any activity on the visualizer the console does show the code being processed and it completes normally.

For the straight to Start Job issue after starting the gcode it pauses and the console shows it stopping onn a “T1” command. I guess I didn’t realize the T1 was in the gcode. It is not gcode I developed so don’t know what post processor was used. The other issue with the pause after Resume Job the console is showing Error:24 and it pauses again. If I hit Resume Job again it continues normally. It will throw this error each time I hit Pause Job and Resume Job. It seems like the resume loses part of the command and just skips it on the second Resume Job. Hope this helps.

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Hi Heyward, good to hear your reports on this though I’m sad to hear that a bug has already emerged in the newest version :slightly_frowning_face:. I’ve recently broadened the scope of file formats available on the forum, so the only other thing that comes to mind is if you could attach the gcode file for us to try on our end :+1:

I am sure something significant changed with the check gcode functionality. A job I have been having trouble with took roughly 3 1/2 minutes to check under versions prior to 0.7.0 When I checked it under 0.7.0 it took 17 minutes. I checked it a second time to actually time it, as I couldn’t believe it had slowed down so much. It is also throwing ‘error 2’ (‘bad number format’) problems again, although at least the resume function is OK so I could finish the job. I have already submitted a feed back form about these problems.

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@chrismakesstuff - Thanks for the quick response Chris. Keep in mind I am using a test arduino that’s not hooked to any machine but that shouldn’t matter I don’t think. I have attached the gcode file for you to check. Obviously when I hit Pause Job it is totally random locations. As Frank said I did get error:2 once but the remainder were error:24.

Santa Sleigh Raindeer 60 V .5.gcode (677.9 KB)

@Heyward43 and @falviani many thanks to the feedback from both of you I think we’ve managed to set straight these issues you reported. New version 0.7.1 is now released if you’d be able to take a look and let me know :slight_smile:

Frank, originally we were so confused since we hadn’t modified anything for the check mode but then we tested and sure enough it had gone AWOL. I believe the bug was tracked down :+1:

@chrismakesstuff - Ok, tested Check Gcode and all appears to be working again. However, the random pauses are still generating the error: 24 but it seems more random. In other words sometimes it works ok and sometimes generates the error.

As to the other issue I’m having with running in a window or maximized it’s still not working. I can go in and change the programs properties to “Maximized” and apply but gSender still loads in a “Normal Window”. It’s not a big deal since I can maximize it after it starts but to me it should be able to start “Maximized”. Something for the back burner anyway since it’s not an operational issue. Thanks to you and your team getting all of this straightened out. Oh, and it does this on both Win10 Pro/64 and Win10 Home/64.

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Tried to reply via eMail but that failed. :frowning: Retried the large file and the check time is back to normal.

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Chris: If you plan to reply to messages via email from the forum, make sure it’s configured for that. The current error email is: " The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at Fix bounced or rejected emails - Gmail Help [ timed out]" There’s probably 1 checkbox unchecked, or something silly like that :laughing:

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I suppose I’ll have to look into it Frank. It’s possible that I don’t have the functionality enabled somewhere so if it’s ok for now it’s probably the best bet to reply on the forum itself