gSender 1.0.2 Gets Stuck in Jog

After a long jog (6" or so) in the X+ direction on Precise setting, the carriage kept going.

It only stopped after I pushed Precise button again, then everything seemed locked up. However, after a moment or two it seemed to all catch up; like a buffer got emptied out.



Yup, had the same problem. Hit the panic button and it stopped, released the button and it took off again. I was in between projects, so I just rebooted the controler.

We’ll have some fixes to address this in an upcoming build. There were certain situations where the jog cancel wasn’t being sent when continuous jogging was enabled multiple times in rapid succession. The jog cancel should now always be sent as a realtime command to prevent this from happening. Let us know if you still run into situations where it’s happening.


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