gSender 1.0.3 Release

The elves at Sienci have been busy with a new release for gSender to address some of the more common points of feedback or bugs. Thanks to everyone involved in the forums or submit feedback through the form - every bit of feedback we get we get helps us move this project towards something that is great for everyone.

It’s an exciting time at Sienci - the Longmill Mark 2 is upcoming, laser modules are starting to ship, we have a novel touchplate design on the way, and some other software projects that are in the works. That said, we all need some rest, and will be out of office for the coming week for the holidays. Rest assured any feedback you submit over the holidays will be looked at in due time!

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, and have a great new year!


  • ‘;’ Comments are now emitted to UI on M0, M1, and M6 workflow stops
  • Fixed issue where jog cancel realtime command wasn’t properly sent to controller in some situations
  • Fixed issue where default values instead of custom jog speeds were used on initial program load
  • Start from line now sends more modals to make sure IoT devices are enabled if that line is skipped
  • Improvements to outline feature - head should now return to original position, better support for disjointed/tiled carves
  • Fixed timestamps from causing UI elements to jump around
  • Fixed DRO being cut off on small resolutions or screen sizes
  • Fixed application not being full-screen on startup
  • Increases on movement limits for jog presets
  • UI fields should be more easily clearable and return to previous value if not changed
  • Workflow controls no longer disappear during jogging
  • Changes to updater to prevent 32 bit application updating to 64 bit
  • Added new laser support preferences with basic offset
  • Alarm 2 should now be unlockable
  • Fixed edge case where surfacing would leave an unfinished pass in the center
  • Updates to serial connection library and workflow
  • New touchplate images and support for upcoming auto-diameter touchplate

Thanks for ALL the 1.0.3 improvements! Tried out the comments enhancement: M6 & M0 during tool change with the fancy dialog box shows them, the most needed time for me. M0, not during toolchange, without the fancy modal dialog box does not show comments (X at right side to close it).

Tested start at line# with a short bit of gCode: Line started on must contain G1 or F speed setting is not applied for those lines, so starting at a line like X40Y50 may execute too fast. Also gSender didn’t notice that the laser should already be on when starting at that line. When using this feature, a few temporary quick edits to the source file can help establish the needed parameters.

Looking forward to auto-diameter.

Problem found:
Start gSender, Homed
Use GoTo Y0 (+5), Z is also changed by same amount (-5)

Change safe height to 6mm
Home machine, Zero all
Jog machine to Z-10
GoTo Y0
Z goes to -6 (safe height)

I aborted toolchange where code uses G91. Homed to reset things. Crashed while getting laser positioned using G0Z-64, G0Z-74, tried to go to Z-138.
Shouldn’t absolute positioning be restored after homing? Test:
Z is at -7

Fixed application not being full-screen on startup

It now work on Both of my PC’s! :smiley:

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The Gsender 1.0.3 Win64 installer (gSender-1.0.3-windows-x64.exe) Is 130MB compared to 1.0.2 version (66.7MB)

Yes - this is part of the reason why the 32 bit was updating to 64 bit for users.

Basically electron-builder and electron-updater don’t handle multiple architectures very well. It expects if you’re building for 32 and 64 bit that you’ll do it at the same time and it bundles them together into a single installer - at install time it will pick which one to actually install based on the system.

Previously, our CI system was building them separately. That’s why it would update 32 bit to 64 bit - it would expect and download the single executable thinking that would contain both. There’s no way to point it to separate 32 and 64 bit downloads since electron-updater doesn’t make that distinction.

Download size should be ~2X as big since it bundles both together, install size should remain the same.

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Homing doesn’t set or reset modals. If you send a G91 before homing, the mode will still be G91 after homing. Modals are only reset on board reset or the user/program issuing a command.

@KGN What is the best way to reset modals, like after an abort where you may not be certain of controller state?

You can look at startup blocks, which is code that is run EVERY time you reset/power on your board.

This is something we’re planning to add a more intuitive interface for in the future.