gSender 1.0.4 laser bug

The new laser settings in this version of gS are backwards. The gui shows the default minimum power as 1 and the max as 100. However, in the console, it shows that setting this results in a $30=1 and a $31=100. That is backwards. $30 is the max power, which, using the defaults, should be 100, and vice-versa for $31.

Also, why is the max being set to 100 and not 255?

I expect that the change to $30=100 will allow for alignment of laser power with spindle power (rpm).

The values sent for $30 and $31 are configurable in settings. If you want 0 → 255, you should be able to set those values in the “spindle/laser” tab of preferences under the “Laser Power” fieldset.

The eeprom values are indeed swapped - it looks like spindle toggle gets it right but laser does not. We’ll get that fixed in the next build. For the time being, you can put the max in the minimum field, and the min in the maximum field.

@Andy1 @KGN Tks, guys. Switching the min and max temporarily will work, obviously.

I do think, though, that the default setting of the max to 100 instead of 255 is going to cause issues. For users designing in LightBurn and exporting the gcode to gSender, the instructions are to set Smax in LB to 255. If the default max in gS is 100, that will cause problems.

I would respectfully suggest that either the instructions for setting Smax in LB are changed, the default max in gS is changed, or at least instructions go out saying that if Smax is set to 255, the default max in gS must be changed to 255 also.

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Grbl 1.1h lists defaults as $30=1000 and $31=0.
Lightburn wants the values Smax to be equal to whatever value is held on the controller ,
I have mine at the defaults everything works fine in Lightburn , I hope that if i decide to use Gsender to send gcode that everything would function as normal.

@Andy1 The Long Mill controller default is $30=3000 and $31=0. As you say, LB wants Smax and $30 to be the same.

Edit: Andy. There seems to be a conflict between what the Sienci site says to be the default eeprom setting for $30 and what the console eeprom shows. The Sienci says the default $30=30000.I just did a firmware reset on mine and $30=3000.

I guess in the final analysis, as long as we set Smax and $30 to the same number, all is well.


Agreed Grant, changing to max of 255 would probably make more sense since that follows with our current LaserBeam instructions as well as matches what Lightburn does.

I also just noticed that our default spindle minimum is 1000 when it should be 10000, so another quick thing we could change on the next release :+1:

Chris / Grant , Since I do not have a spindle, I had not paid much attention to the path forward on the default settings screen. With the features of PWM and RPM settings on the settings tab, if $30 were to be set to 255 would this not negatively affect your spindle control.

The way these new setting work, anytime you toggle between laser mode and spindle mode in the spindle/laser tab it sends the appropriate commends to the eeprom values so you don’t have to worry about messing with one or the other manually.

Essentially, setting the laser PWM to 255 would mean that as long as you’re in laser mode that would be your $30, but if you also owned a spindle then toggling back to spindle mode in the spindle/laser tab would set $30 back to 30000, so all the bases are covered


This should be fixed in the next build.

If you swapped the min and max inputs in your preferences as a workaround, please remember to swap them back.