gSender 1.06 Surfacing Tool click Generate does nothing

I installed gSender 1.06 on Windows x64 and it’s working with my machine.

In Surfacing Tool, clicking “Generate G-code” does nothing.

Any clues? Thanks, Rob

@N4Spd Welcome to the group, Rob.

When you say that gSender does nothing, do you see any change at all on the screen? What should happen is that, in the surfacing visualizer, you should see a graphic showing the path the Mill will take to surface your material. Above the viewer, you should see a button “gcode viewer”. Clicking that should open a window showing the actual gcode - likely something in excess of 1200 lines.

Are you seeing any of this?

Nothing changes. It’s almost like the button is not connected to anything. Odd.

@N4Spd That is odd. Since you can perform other actions, gSender is talking to the Mill.

The only thing that I can suggest is to uninstall and re-install gS. It’s not much of a solution, though, I admit. Failing that, the gS Sienci team monitors this category and, with luck, they have a solution.

Could you provide a picture or screenshot of your Surfacing window? I’m wondering if perhaps there’s a value in there that’s causing the path not to be able to generate