gSender 1.1.2 autozero Touch plate to probe in top corners

Hi, new to cnc. I have a mk2 and trying to cut a 75 inc long by 15 w board. So the cut is on top (or back). I can not make the AutoZero Touch Plate to probe on the top left corner.
The cut start at the top of the board (finger joint).
If I can not probe at the top corner, what are the step to manually make the MK2 start at this point? (without the AutoZero Touch plate).

Note: searching, people have use a Macro to probe, but I think with the old Touch Plate (I only have the new one).
Thanks in Advance. Ralph

Hi Ralph, have you received a work around for this issue? I have a similar issue, as my table is mounted on a 45 degree the Autozero Touch plate falls off the surface.

Thanks for the post, and hope you have a work around.


Welcome to the community.

I’m not sure what you mean by your table is mounted at a 45 degree.

You could always manually set your origin instead of using the touchplate.

But you will also have to make sure when creating your g-code to set the origin and axis planes to match.