gSender 1.2.5.edge surfacing issue

Windows 11, 64bit. Set to millimetres. In the surfacing app it will not accept any cut depth figure less than 1mm. When I try to enter 0.5mm it defaults to 0.0015.

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It appears that gSender Edge 1.2.5 has a bug that won’t let you enter fractions below 1mm. I was able to enter 2.5 but if you type 0.5 it displays .0015.

That said the current version of Edge is 1.3.0 and it doesn’t appear to have this bug. Gsender 1.2.1 doesn’t have the bug either. I recommend using one of those versions.

Tested on Windows 10


This has been addressed as of 1.2.0 forward :+1: