gSender 1.3.8 error on probe

Attached is a screen cap of the error that I have gotten 3 times this afternoon while testing the new 4-corner probe function. Also attached is the diagnostic report of today… As you can see by the report, even though Edge throws the error, it is not shown on the report. The error occurs when I commence the probe, following testing for continuity. When I click on resume, it continues to probe.

diagnostics_11-26-2023_14-27-20.pdf (19.4 KB)
Screenshot 2023-11-26 142117

Are you using a Grbl HAL controller?

@NeilFerreri No, Neil. I’m using the “stock” LM controller.




Screenshot 2023-11-26 191431

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@gwilki It was a shot in the dark. I saw grblHAL a couple of places in that report.

@NeilFerreri Yeah, I did, too, but had no idea what the references meant. I’m off the LM for tonight. I want to try something tomorrow. I’ll report back in the morning. Tks for your help, Neil.

So I think it’s two parts:

  1. Diagnostic file isn’t looking at new location for alarms/errors - we already have a fix for this
  2. Something going wrong with your probing - can you share the actual console error/which profile or corner you were running?

I also don’t think that specific message should be popping up for classic GRBL errors since it’s a HAL specific behaviour but let’s start with 1 and 2.

@KGN Tks, Kevin. I’ll be in the shop later today and report back.


Actually, looking closer at your file it definitely looks like you were connected using the grblHAL controller - I see 4 errors that correspond to HAL specific info we fetch on connection:


on top of the type being listed as grblHAL

That’s not saying that you selected the wrong one - we’ll look into the connection workflow to make sure that hal isn’t being defaulted in some situations/something else is going wrong when connecting and choosing controller type - it might not be related to probing at all.

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@KGN Surely you are not suggesting that this is pilot error??? :grinning: :grinning:

Not at all - I mostly want to make sure that it’s not a situation where grbl was selected but the grblHAL controller was used instead


@KGN @NeilFerreri Ok, this is the second time in as many days that I have embarrassed myself on this forum. :flushed: :flushed:

I fired up gSender Edge just now. It was set to grbl. So, I set it to Hal and it threw the error code. Set back to grbl, all was well. I have no clue how I set it to Hal and then how I set it back to grbl when sending my screencap to Neil.

My apologies to both of you for wasting your time.


I’ll add it to your bill.