Gsender 1.3.8 Probing

With tool change lines like (as generated from Carbide Create)
M0 ; T102
There is a pause and I am told I can close window and resume later, do zeroing, etc.
I can jog and zero using commands like G38.2Z-10F20, but the GUI probe interface is disabled. I can see no reason to disable it.

With tool change lines like
M6 ; T102
I see
force ok
in the console and that’s all I get

Another thing that happened after one probe was that the positioning was left as relative, rather than absolute. I had to enter G90 in the console to fix it

MacOS X and Sienci Mk1

M0 is an Unconditional Stop, not a Tool change command.

Note: in settings (*), Tool change, I have selected “pause”

In Carbide Create Ver 6, the start of my code for one job is as follows;

M0 ;T102

etc. etc.

When I select Run in gSender, it goes straight in and starts the job, no hesitation or stop.

However, when I copy what’s in the console window, its slightly different. The M0 is commented out ie. (M0)

[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

So obviously something is causing gSender to ignore M0 and I have no idea what, at this point in time. BTW its not the Pause command in Tool Change that’s causing it.

In FreeCad, the Gcode is as follows for a tool change. This is the software where I have most tool changes

(Begin toolchange)
M6 T2
M3 S18000
(Finish operation: 3.175 2 flute downcut 22mm001)
(Begin operation: Pocket_Shape)
(Path: Pocket_Shape)
G0 Z5.000

etc. etc

gSender will stop on the M0 and I get the message “M0/M1 Pause” At this point ion time I cannot move the axes
I have to select “Close Window” then “Resume Job”
I get the “Tool Change Pause” message and the axes are free to move so I can change the tool and zero it.
I then select “resume job” and it continues with the new tool.

In Vectric Desktop, the tool change code is as follows:


etc etc.

It behaves exactly the same as the Freecad example.

I don’t know if that helps but it all works great for me.
BTW I use a PC, not a MAC.

Why do you want a pause before a tool change? (And before you turn off the spindle?)

A design decision they made early on was that an M0 near the start of a file (dozen lines?) would be ignored. I would prefer that it wasn’t ignored. I would like to throw up a dialog at the start of a file that is for the operator to double-check tool & settings. Carbide Create uses M0 for tool changes, Its not a bad way to do it, if not the best. No spindle or auto on/off for router in my case, so those lines are irrelevant to me.

It’s in the processor script. I guess I could go in an edit it out. It’s no biggie as far as I’m concerned so I never bothered. The M5 command automatically turns the router off for me (as well as the dust extractor).

Thanks for the explanation as to why the first M0 is ignored :+1:

@saskia @Lappa Just and FYI, if you search the forum for “M0 ignore”, you will see posts from Sienci techs explaining why gSender does what it does with M0 commands in gcode.

I’ve moved this thread to the Question topic in gSender, as the M0 handling is not a bug. :grinning:

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I never really thought about it before this topic came up. Jobs without tool changes have run straight from start to finish and jobs with tool changes have stopped at the appropriate place so it’s all good. I have no problems with M0 being ignored in the first few lines.

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Carbide uses M6 for tool changes with the appropriate post processor. They output M0 for any non C3D machines because they have no mechanism for supporting the infinite configurations. M6 should be used. gSender can handle M6s appropriately as a tool change. I’d recommend changing your post processor to one that outputs M6.


But 1.3.8 totally barfed on M6, only leaving the message force ok in the console