gSender 1.4.1 and F710 gamepad

Update: when using the D pads, jogging is smooth, however using the analog mini sticks yields jerky movements

Gamepad F710 was running fine until I upgraded gsender to version 1.4.1. Now moves are very jerky. Same behaviour whether I use gsender on Macbook pro with Ventura, or other laptop running Windows 10.

Any idea on how to fix this ? I would prefer keeping 1.4.1 rather than reverting to a previous version.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Attached videos show movement with gamepad (jerky) vs laptop keyboard (smooth).

We’ve made some significant changes to jogging with the thumbsticks on gamepads in gSender recently as you have noticed. One feature we aimed to have is the ability to dynamically jog, where the harder you push on your thumbstick in a certain direction the higher the feedrate will be, and in turn the faster your machine will jog. To achieve this, we had to opt-in on sending multiple small calculated jog commands one after another to allow us to update the feedrate on the fly, that isn’t possible when sending a single long jog command (which we do when on keyboard shortcuts, gamepad button holds, and pressing and holding the jog control UI buttons). These small jog commands are calculated based on the set speed value:

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 8.45.51 AM

Depending on your computer, you may experience some lagging or jerkiness when jogging now with the gamepad thumbsticks, a perfect example of this is the videos you sent. To help with this issue, we added a setting within your gamepad profile to override the calculated jog movement distance. See below:

By default, it is at 100%, but you might have to play around with the value here till you see the jogging is mostly smooth like the regular long jogging. In our testing, we found some users had a sweet spot of 120% which eliminated the jerkiness.

Hope this helps your issue.

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Thanks Walid for the quick response.

I played with different values and had to crank it up to 500% to get something relatively smooth. This however is on an old and slow Thinkpad laptop, perhaps a lower value might work on my Macbook.

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