Gsender 1.4.1 Probe z axis measure error

On setting the z axis thickness in single z probe setting it is then found to have reset the xyz probe z axis setting to the same value. Ditto in reverse. It appears that the z axis field is linked to the one value instead of there being two unique values.

Hey @Spiderman,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting! We love to identify and squash bugs.

So to help me understand, are you saying that if you set the Z axis as the only axis like this…
Probe Z

It will set a Z location for you of say 19?

Then you run the probe on XYZ axis like this…
Probe XYZ

Your result is that Z has been reset with this new probing? (Still to 19?)


Hi Stephen, it’s good to chat with someone about this. I am referring to the probe thickness measurement Setup screens for Z and XYZ block. When I set Z probe thickness say to 19.1 it changes the XYZ z thickness setting to 19.1. If I set XYZ z thickness to say 2.25 I then find that the Z only probe thickness measurement is also changed from 19.1 to 2.25. It’s saying both my probes need to have the same z thickness. Thanks

Thanks @Spiderman! I understand now and was able to recreate this bug.

@KGN it does indeed look like all of the probe settings (height, travel, etc) are all being shared between the Standard Block and Z block probe profiles. Maybe we should consider saving them separately?


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