gSender 1.4.3 HELP Please!

Bad night in the shop. I’m prepping a new wasteboard to mount my new Vortex. Per instructions I updated to newest version of gSender which is 1.4.3. I went to the surfacing tab and enter all my information, generated gcode, and probed my Z using the paper metho

d, set x and y to 0.

Now for the fun :frowning:

When I run I get an error in a line of code, line 23 I think. The error message in the upper right of the visualizer screen say click to unlock. Previously that’s all I had to do to unlock. Now clicking doesn’t work. There is also a padlock on the upper left of the screen which says click to unlock. Neither works. Only way to clear it is to shutdown the Longboard and start over. Now I’m getting these yellow lines and it doesn’t even cut those! See image. It starts an outline then goes back to home. After 4 resets, rehoming and reprobing, resetting the surfacing tool I was on the last last try that starting out OK but a little deeper than 0.125 in (more like .25) then the Z started burying itself in the MDF and trip the outlet strip and killed the power to everything and the outlet strip is now dead. Time for a new one. It won’t reset.

I resurfaced my previous wasteboard without these problems.

Soooo, what is the correct way to unlock when you get an error without shutting down the longboard? What are the yellow lines? Why can’t I find it in the online gSender help documentation (unless I’m dumber than a horse and missed it).

Any help is appreciated.

edit: Errors received were 2, 3, and 24 using the surfacing generated gcode.

The yellow lines are a new feature, so you can see the path the bit follows. In terms of the errors, and unlocking, I’d check $$ settings using console. Had a similar issue where the firmware editor didn’t let me change $11 and $12 , but it let me change with console. Or for now stay away from this version. Stay on 1.2.2 untill the next major release. Hopefully the bugs will be squashed

Thanks. At least I know what the yellow lines are about. Unlocking is a completely not working for me. I’ll give Sienci a call.

@Wiremand Are you connected as grbl or grblHAL?

I’m going to have to see if I can figure that out. Not sure where to look.

I had a whole host of similar problems after updating to 1.4.3 After reading many post I went back to 1.2.2 all issues corrected. I did have to go back in settings to select my auto-zero block. Guess I’ll try to upgrade after I hear better news.