GSender 1.4.4 Jogging Bug

Hello everyone,
just playing with the new 1.4.4 Version and noticed a jogging issue when
using the keypad for jogging.
if a key is pressed to move the axis it will move and release once the key is released like it should…
However if you just quickly press the key and release quickly the axis will keep traveling as long as the shift key is held down.
if the mouse is used on the screen jog screen seems ok…

acer aspire —win10-- laptop


@Vicf What “keypad” are you using? Do you have its keys mapped to a keystroke shortcut that you set up in gSender? Did this issue just start with 1.4.4?

I didn’t notice it in previous version.
The keys im pressing is just the standard/default gsenderJogging keys on the laptop keyboard.
Nothing special.
Again, quick press of keys will keep jogging
If held down for some time and then released will stop.

Incase this helps,
I also tried an independent USB keypad to see if it would make a difference, results were the same.

@Vicf I have the same issue. Using either the keyboard shortcuts for jogging or my tablet to send the same keystrokes. In my case, tapping shift + x starts the jog in X, When I release the keys, the LM keeps jogging. I can stop it by tapping either the X or the shift key. I use Alt+x to jog in -X. The same issue is present. The jog does not stop when releasing the keys. Only tapping one of them stops it.

The same issue is present in jogging in Y and Z.

Edit: I’m running the SLB, firmware B5.0.2, connecting with ethernet.

Similar problem here.
Windows 10, gSender 1.4.4
X and Y work correctly.
Using shift + page up/down to jog Z.
Press and hold shift, tap page up/down.
Jogs until shift is released.
Mapped to other keys, same issue.
Mouse works properly to jog all axis.

With me it’s all 3 axis hold shift key and quickly press
Jogging key and will keep jogging, if the jogging key is held for some time say 3 sec ?? Then released,
Then the jog will stop, problem seems to be when the jog key is held down for a short time period.
At least at my end.
Running grbl 1.1h

To add to my previous post, I was doing some more testing this morning. As I said, if I tap the shift + x combo, jogging starts and does not stop when I release. However, if I hold down the shift+x combo and let it jog a little, when I release, jogging stops. It does this in all axes.

Quick tap and release it’ll keep going.
If the shift plus axis jog key is held down for some time
Something like 3seconds then it’ll release.
Almost like a stinky key in programming.

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This is probably the same bug I’ve been trying to pin down since before 1.2.2! It happens so intermittently that you don’t know what you did to cause it.

I’d never thought about whether I had tapped the key, but it makes some sense since I’m always trying to sneak up on a bit position.

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@CrookedWoodTex I’m the same, Tex. This hits me the hardest when I am bringing the bit down slowly to just above the touch plate. Doing that, I am tapping on my tablet, which is sending keystrokes to gSender. Two broken bits later … :unamused:

For me, though, it just started with 1.4.4 so I can go back one version and be fine.

Doesn’t look like they are going to fix this bug anytime soon. Was told that the software team is working on a new controller, gSender appears to be on back burner. It’s a shame.
As a side note, a PS5 bontroller works great, just don’t believe the button numbers.

Please tell who told you that, if you don’t mind, and in what context?

@DaveSmith I believe that the gSender team and the team working on the super long board (the “new controller”) are separate teams in Sienci. Please let me know who you spoke to and I’ll follow up.

Could be similar, though I think this bug didn’t exist on 1.4.3 so it’s a recent issue to pop up in a more notable way - but who knows perhaps fixing it might fix the other bug too :+1:

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We’ve had a 2-3 week release schedule across both gSender Edge and Main for months now, so you can cut that “on the back burner” talk immediately when 1.4.4 has been out for less than 2 weeks.

Literally any cursory inspection on Github would reveal that the project is constantly receiving updates and fixes on top of requested features.

1.4.5 should be released Thursday barring any complications, and includes a fix for this (among other changes).

There is some overlap (primarily Chris/myself) but that’s mostly unavoidable.


Thank you for the information! Nice the developers are always watching and improving this great program.