GSender 1.4.5 Only loads last run job

GSender ran my first program but when I close that file and open any other it only displays last file . I even deleted the file and tried rebooting everything including computer and longbox. Not sure how to carve the rest of my job?

I don’t want to sound skeptical, but that doesn’t sound possible. Any chance you overwrote the fine you want to run with the save gcode as the first file you ran? Can you try a completely different gcode file, unrelated to the job you’re doing now?

I deleted the file that keeps reloading on GSENDER and it still is the only one displaying?
I am very new to CNC but not to computers, I am very confident that I am loading different files. It is like the job is stuck in the cache but even restarting the program doesn’t remove it.

Can you share the gcode file you’re trying to load?

There is no cache when loading files. Also, restarting your computer/program and still having the file be the same is pretty indicative to me that maybe the same toolpath was exported or the file otherwise was duplicated.

If you have both files, you can run a diff (or post them) to check that the g-code itself is different. We also have a number of example files on Github that you could download to check that in fact you are seeing the same file loaded regardless of what you load or if it’s the same toolpath with a different name.

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Okay I was indeed saving the same file over and over. In Vectric toolpath I was selecting the check box beside the toolpath to save but I needed to highlight the file instead. Thanks everyone sorry for the confusion.

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