gSender 6.5 Beta Raspberry limitation - Application wont resize

So I have a problem with trying to make gSender fit on my screen.

I am running a 8gig raspberry pi 4 with a 22" HDMI TV.
Pi is running at 1920 x 1080, but as you can see from the video, the screen is cut off.

I wont get into the strange hardware setup I am using, since its pointless to argue back and forth about what it should be.

so, if you have a Raspberry pi, set your screen size to be:

1024 x 768 and then launch gSender.

The application loads as expected, however, you can not resize it to fit full screen.
I believe it will resize down to 1280 as the smallest size

not sure why, since there is so much real-estate that could be shrunk

note that this picture is of my Second monitor in my office to show the problem. on the PC in the garage,its an actual TV being used as a monitor.

Thanks for the picture @Menglor , seems to be something we could resolve with a couple responsiveness tweaks.

I’m going to bump this thread up just to remind me to address some of these points

@Menglor Coming back to this older thread, this is similar to what was brought up in this newer thread. Let me know if my response there works for your setup too:

I am good with that explanation.

Stability is always the first goal.