gSender 6.5 Beta Windows joystick support

I know this is asking a lot

But grbl support a pendant is lacking.

An easy solution that I found and wrote a document to support

Basically I found an application that allows me to map keystrokes to a USB joystick

But it’s having a third party tool in the middle

So what I would really like to be able to do is have joystick functions available

Now going even further and enjoy six part is probably an annoying task

However the tool I’m using is open source so the code is freely available

So this would allow some conversion therapy and allow it to function but I understand it’s a long shot

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Source code here

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Great suggestion here Stephen. Joystick support has been underway for a while now and might possibly release on this coming version 0.7.0 :+1:

This feature is now released under 0.7.1, with further improvements in 0.7.2 and beyond :cowboy_hat_face: