gSender 6.6 Beta Windows - Macro button tied to last step?

I am not sure if this is because of the way I have things configured, however it is how its configured. so I am reporting it.

My Jog keys are “UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT”

When executing a Macro, and then clicking on the Arrow buttons, rather then moving the Head in the direction pressed, it -RE execute macro.


  • I am Centering my head in the BOTTOM LEFT Corner of the Bed.
  • reset the head position to X 54, Y 54 using a Macro
    macro :
    G0 X54 Y54 (go to this location)
    g92 X0 Y0 (zero machine to this new location.
  • click on the UP Arrow on the keyboard to move the head 1 mm up.

and then the head moves up another X54, Y54 I assume because the macro button is in focus.

See video :

I am not crazy about the camera views, so if it doesnt make sense please let me know I will attemp to clear it up more.

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I’ve replicated this and noted it down. Seems that there’s some button focus being kept on a previous action that we need to address. Thanks for the heads up Stephen!

Ahoy @Menglor I think the devs got this cleaned up a version or two ago. Can you confirm?


this is no longer an issue for me in build 7.2