gSender 6.6 Beta Windows - unable to clear last digit

I am having an issue with inconsistency.

certain dialog boxes allow the user to empty the text box, others for the last digit to remain.

There seems to be MANY, however this one is the easiest to point out.

1 - Open Surfacing gadget.

Lenght box starts with 845

2 - Click on any of the boxes position the mouse to the end of the last digit

3 - Click on the Delete button - note the 5 disappears

4 - Click on the Delete button - note the 4 disappears

5 - Click on the Delete button - note the 5 DOES NOT disappear

if you highlight all 3 number and type 300, 300 is displayed and works as expected.

for me to TYPE 300 mm, I need to put the cursor in front of the 8 and type 300 then remove the 8

While I understand a few will say, just highlight the whole number and overwrite it.

Sadly as someone who is using a touchpad to mitigate sawdust getting’s stuck in the mouse, its very difficult to highlight everything as the mouse clicking can be annoying.

When I started at Microsoft, every new hire was required to use their computer for 2 weeks without a mouse to learn how things worked. (true this was back when Windows 3.1 was a thing, back in 1994)
any maybe gSender isnt designed to work without a mouse, its these subtle annoyances I see

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