gSender 6.8 Beta Windows - Go XYZ 0 Moves Z after moving X and Y


I dont know if this has always been this way, but I have been trying to reproduce a problem with my Z travel, and I just snapped a 1/4 inch bit in half doing this.

The Question I have is, since when did the go XYZ0 button Travel X and Y, and then Z to go back to zero?

I am exploring a problem, where I am running a program, then stopping it, and when I hit stop, move the Z down 3 button presses, when I hit the GOTO XYZ 0 button or hit the Start Button, the Z gets reset back to 0 before it ever moves. then it seems to Plunge into the work, because the new Z is at Zero, when it should be at 22.

So, Ignoring what I just said above, as I am still troubleshooting that.

right now, in 6.8, if I move my head to Anywhere , and move my head down a few presses.

When I hit the GOTO home, I KIND of expect it to go to SAFE Z, or at least maybe Z 0, before trying to move the X and Y

but nope!, Moves, X and Y, then Z.

which means I have broken a bit as it crashed into the work

i can make a video, if no one can reproduce.\

Are you going home or to XYZ0?

XYZ0 is your work zero. It makes sense that it would move X and Y first and then, typically, move down to Z0.

I personally don’t believe

Any travel in X or Y should happen unless the Zed is put into a safe mode

In my scenario that is in the negative because I’ve stopped the program

Because it most of the the X and the Y first it basically plows into any of my work piece because the Zed is in a negative

I understand what you’re saying. I’m just saying that the behavior you’re seeing is what the button is programmed to do.

I hear what your saying, not sure I agree but this is why I tagged Chris in the comments.

I am by no means an expert, but I think the general rule is. Move the Z out of the way, before trying to move X and Y.

I say this alot in my job.

I report bugs, and inconsistencies, it’s up to the product owner to make a decision. Good or bad, once a decision is made I will abide by it

I’m with you. I’ve never seen a reason to use Go to XYZ0.

Also, if you’re stopping below Z zero, I’d recommend enabling parking and wiring a feedhold switch.

Do you have your safe height set in options? If safe height is not 0, goto XYZ0 will retract by the set distance on Z before moving XY and then returning Z back down to Z0.

As mentioned, generally XYZ does do XY and then Z to avoid dragging the bit across the work surface when moving back to work origin.

Funny you mention this

I know I had it set to 8mm.

But I went and un insalled last week and cleaned up everything .
I need to re check


I am the moron!!

It did work before. but as Kevin pointed out, I didnt have my safe height set.

Well, I did, but part of my previous uninstall, and re-install I guess I forgot to check it!

@chrismakesstuff you can send this post to the delete pile.

or maybe there should be a best practice post someplace that explain how someone can shoot themselves in the foot :slight_smile:



As Bugs Bunny would say
“What a Maroon!!”


@Menglor I’m glad that it turned out to be something simple, Stephen. Doh, I didn’t mean that YOU were something simple. :grinning: :grinning:

My wife says I am complicated!

Then she says I am simple.

Who knows anymore :slight_smile:

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