Gsender and cnc xprov5

I am trying to use this software with my cnc xprov5. the software do not connect to my cnc. It recognizes that I have two firmwares, but I cannot click on the arrow appearing in the drop down menu. It works with CNC3D Commander. I would like to use this sofware but I wonder it is only working with your machines… Is it possible to use it with CNC xPRO V5?

I’m not sure if gSender works with this processor but maybe the software guys can comment.

This is from the Makerstore site re this unit:

" The xPRO V5 comes fully assembled and programmed so all you need to do is wire up your motors, turn it on and start making!

From the computer side we have found that CNCjs Desktop is amazing and packed with great features! (open source / free download).

The xPRO V5 runs a port of the GRBL ESP32 firmware by Bart Dring, which is 32bit port of the GRBL by Sonny Jeon. As such, the xPRO V5 can be used with most current GRBL senders and post-processors."

[CNCjs] is computer savvy. I am lost with the console.

I am using Ultimate bee from Bulkman 3d