Gsender and Demon controller

Will Gsender work with the Demon controller

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I did a web search for the Demon controller and found Designs by Phil. If this is the controller it should work as it’s GRBL.

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Thank you. It is the right one. Only so far only thing I have problem is controlling the router at start-up for pausing the program.

Do you have the IOT relay that is shown on the page that I linked above? I have the same one on my LongMill.

GRBL by itself cannot control a router it can only control a spindle but with the IOT relay it can control a router. If you have the IOT relay it should be connected to either the M7 or M8 connections on the Demon controller and the router should be plugged into one of the ‘normally OFF’ sockets on the relay.

Provided you have all that you can set Program Events in gSender settings (the cogwheel icon at top right).

Then in ‘Program Start’ and ‘Program Resume’ put either M7 or M8 depending on which terminal you wired the IOT relay to. And in ‘Program Stop’ and ‘Program Pause’ put M9. Remember to hit the ‘Update Event’ button for each one.

That should get it working if you have the IOT relay.

Thank you for replying to me. I started 4 years ago to CNC wood carving and it is the first time I have ever got an answer to my problems so fast.
This Gsender is outstanding to operate
Again Thanks

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