Gsender and the LASER Slider is crashing the app

I dont know if its me, or if its Gsender, but right now , on 1.12 and 1.14 if I go into the laser GUI, and try to move the slider, the UI disappears!!! (on two PC’s)

Which is very annoying if you have the homing setup, because I have to exist Gsender and restart it, then re-home!!

is there a way to refresh the UI so I dont need to restart gSender?

Do you have Laser/Spindle tab enabled in preferences? Double check and see if that fixes your issue - there is an issue where legacy preference files look in the incorrect place which can result in the widget showing when not actually enabled and closing when interacted with. It’s fixed in an internal build but hasn’t made its way to a live release yet.

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I will look

I have $30,31 and 32 enabled. So I never thought to look elsewhere

I will report back later

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So, I havent tried it in my Workshop PC, but on the Office machine, its working perfectly.

So, ya, when I turned on the Toggle, everything started working as you would expect.

Tks much

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