Gsender connects to com port, but not to my machine

I have a Genmitsu 4040 pro cnc (SainSmart company ), and when I try to connect gsender to it, the connection dialog box shows connecting but never does connect. It does show connected to the com port without a problem, so the USB cable is being recognized by my W11 laptop.

I have no problem connecting UGS or Candle, and I don’t have either open or connected when I try to connect to GSender.

I’m new to this so my troubleshooting is a bit limited in terms of experience.

I am having the same problem… :unamused:

I ran into this also, and found that gSender would finish connecting after I manually triggered an endstop. Not sure why, or how to get around it? But that has been working for me.

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I never was able to connect to Gsender, so just used Candle. I also decided to buy a Longmill, and I’m pretty much just using it exclusively - Gsender connects just fine to the Longmill control board with no problems so far.

How do you trigger an endstop?

I did it manually. The Z end stops are the easiest to access. Just reach in, and give it a tap for a second or 2. It doesn’t care which one to finish connecting, and access the motors.