gSender disappeared

I know this seems weird, but fired up my shop-dedicated laptop to run a file, and gSender was no where to be found. Just used it a few days ago, and I certainly don’t recall uninstalling. Running Windows 11 on an HP.

I’ve since reinstalled, losing yet more brain cells with Windows and McAfee fun, so not critical at this time, just “curious”.

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I hate Windows! That is coming from a dedicated Mac user. They keep “improving” windows 11, and it appears to me making it more difficult to use.

I choose to run my G-Sender on an old MacBook Pro from 2011. Seems to be quite stable, and works well.

Anyhow, good luck with your Windows issues.

I haven’t made it to 11 yet (insert Spinal tap reference). I’ve been running it on Win 10 with no issues. A lot of problems are manufacturer specific, as they sometimes add software and updates that “enhance” your experience but, in reality, they don’t always put in the testing time Microsoft does to assure stability and compatibility. I’ve never heard of Windows deleting a program but, I suppose anything is possible with Skynet running things.

Thankfully, the days of 95/XP/ME instability are ancient history. In those days, Windows was more unstable than that girl that stalked me theough high school.

Hey! My darling bride of 51 years will be hearing that comment for sure! :smiley:

No program on any computer of mine has ever disappeared itself; ever.