Gsender disconnects and Y-axis issues

Hello all. Having some issues with my Longmill Mk2 30*48.

When connecting to a Win 11 laptop, I cannot seem to get Gsender to maintain a connection with the controller. Usually after a few tries it connects, but will eventually lose the connection.

Also, having a difficult time getting the Y axis to run smoothly. Sometimes it works well; others, the lead screws turn independently of each other until it jams. Releasing the jog button and re-clicking it causes the other side to turn until it too jams. after a few tries back and forth it seems to work itself out. Also, this seems to occur (lately) at the first 5 inches or so of the machine.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I have had the machine run-to an extent- previously. One job failed, second job completed, and third job went well until about halfway, when the router just went way off.

One thing to check, is be sure the couplers are tight.

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@toddg WRT to the disconnecting issue, be sure in windows 11 that you have turned off all the power saving settings, including all the USB power reductions. In a laptop, there are separate settings for when it is running on battery and running on AC. Turn them all off.

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Done, thanks. Still DCs, though. Seems to like to do it more when the router’s running, so might try a shielded USB cable and/or check the arduino- thats what the usb connects to inside the controller, correct?

@toddg Correct. The usb connects to the Uno

Good news! the connectivity issue is solved. Fixed it by taking a power strip out of the power loop and disabling sleep settings on my laptop.

Bad news- the Y axis skewing is, if anything, worse. Much, much worse. Looking from the front, the right rail/lead screw moves fine; the left side binds up all the time while jogging. Gets better if I use the ‘precise’ setting in Gsender; any other setting and it’s unusable.
Kind of at a loss here. I know the DIP switches on the board are all set correctly and the Arduino is ok. Bad stepper? Bad alignment? Any help appreciated.