gSender does not allow loading nc files

I have been using this longmill for about 6 months. It’s been a real challenge but I did some nice projects. For a few days now, I cannot load nc files into gSender. I turned off the controller, the computer and I tried again this morning. All of a sudden I had no problem loading a file again. A couple of hour later I needed to work on anoter file, same problem arise, can’t load an nc file. I tried loading the files I worked on lately without any success. Any idea what could be the problem?The controller is connected and communicate and I can jog the machine. Need help, I at this point I am desperate.

Curiously, I went into the visualizer parameters and I changes its appearance from dark to light and all of a sudden I could load any nc files. Later that day, I could not load anymore nc files. I switched again the visualizer from light to dark and I could load nc files again. Is seems that under some circumstances this bug can occur but at least one has a solution for it!

@Joce I’ve moved your posts to the gSender topic. The Sienci gSender group monitor this topic quite closely and I believe they will be interested.

@Joce are you still facing this issue on the latest version of gSender, v.1.4.6?