Gsender download for windows 32bit

Hello everybody,
I m Moele I m new in sienci labs site.
I wanna download Gsender for my lab’s PC, but I don t have find the link to download the latest version (or others) for WINDOWS 32bit.
Someone can help me?
Thank you very much

@Lele Welcome to the group, Moele.

Note that Sienci made the following announcement when gSender 1.4.0 was released:

" Technical Notes - 32 bit no longer supported

We are officially dropping support for 32bit versions of gSender. It was a hard decision but continuing to support 32bit was a security concern for several libraries we use and we can’t be shackled long term to out of date libraries without alternatives. Version 1.2.2 should continue to work fine for the small subset of users (sub 1%) that we show as using 32 bit operating systems."

You will find 1.2.2 for 32-bit windows here

Scroll down to 1.2.2 for windows 32


@Lele Moele! Welcome to the forum. Great folks with sound advice. With what @gwilki said, 32 bit is no longer supported. While you could use the link that @gwilki posted, or ask yourself, what to do instead. You would need a PC or Mac capable of 64 bit software. I am here to tell you it doesn’t need to be expensive by any stretch. I currently run an antique MacBook Pro (2011 version). It was something that had no trade in value, could not be upgraded to a newer operating system yet still ran good. This vintage Mac or newer can be purchased online used (obviously) for next to nothing. Another option can be a used 64 bit Windows laptop. They too, whether factory refurbished or simply used can be purchased rather inexpensively. Lastly, there are folks who run GSender with a Raspberry Pie micro computer. Those are available at Amazon for very little money. I apologize, but I have no experience with their use. If you use the search function here you should be able to find threads that further discuss this. As far as I know, Google Chrome Books will NOT run GSender. Someone here will chime in if I am wrong.

I genuinely hope my advice will get you making things sooner, rather than later. Don’t get discouraged, a simple upgrade or using the unsupported 32 bit version is all that is needed.