GSender downsizing project

Hi Everyone
When I load the files from VCrave (which are saved in inches) and load them in GSender (which is also set to inches) My 6" project shrinks to about a 1/4". Any suggestions?

Welcome to the group @RickV .

Can you post your .crv file?

When you say that the vcarve files are saved in inches, do you mean that you are using grbl in as your post processor? If not, which post are you using?

Saving the toolpaths with Post Processor G-Code (inch) (*.tap)
Is this the problem?

@RickV It may be. Do you have a Long Mill? (I should have asked that at the start.)

If you do, use grbl mm as your post. You can still design in inches and set gSender to display in inches. Using grbl mm simply allows for more accurate carving. The output files will be *.gcode, not tap.

If you are not running a Long Mill, what machine do you have?

Yes it’s the longmill mk 2

Thanks gwilki!!
That did the trick. It’s now the right size.
Thanks so much.

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@RickV I’m glad to hear it. Don’t hesitate to pose your questions and ask for help. The solutions will not all be this easy, but the combined knowledge of the people here will more often than not provide a solution.

As your problem is resolved, I’m closing this thread.