GSender Drifting

I’m puzzled!

Started a job in Gsender. Z plunged. I think I may have 0-ed wrong. However, it didn’t plunge where it should have, it plunged at 0…XYZ.

I then ran the outline just to see if all was good for the final cutout. This showed that the bit would run along the Y+ axis then drifted over to the actual cutline along both X axses, and the Y- for the rest of the cut like it should. What am I missing?

Help! :sunglasses:

Would you care to post the gcode so we can run it and see if it behaves the same on my machine?

Don’t expect too much from the outline function. It basically will show you whether your gcode will keep the bit within the borders of the stock you have under it. It isn’t actually going to follow the “outline” of your gcode.

What you are describing seems like a mismatch between your design and your machine settings. Tell us specifically, line by line, how you set the XYZ zeroes (including how Z-zero is referenced in your design file.) That’s really the quickest way to find an anomaly in your procedure.

@mretuck Welcome to the group, Eric.

I’ll let other members help you with your problems. However, with reference to your Outline question, and further to what Tex has posted, here is the description of Outline from the gSender documentation:

" Before running your job there are a few other handy features you can check. The ‘Outline’ button will physically move your machine around the rough perimeter of your cutting job so you can get an idea of the cutting dimensions and if you’ve positioned the job correctly."

As you can see Outline is not designed to run your gcode “in air”. It is simply to show you the outer “outline” of your project. It is a very convenient way to see of your project will, in fact, run within the borders of your material. It is also a good way to see if you will hit clamps or other hold downs when you run your job.

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That would be interesting! Here’s a link to it on G Drive.

I should have been more clear with my description. I know that the outline is just going to do just that the outline of the outside of the entire bottle. What it is doing is leaving zero traveling along the x-axis and then eventually drifting over to the outline. Coincidentally the model is a rectangular cut out so the outline would indeed or should indeed I believe Trace the actual model since it’s a rectangle. Is my thinking incorrect there?

I had cut six other signs that day. A zeroed every one of them the same way.

I start by zeroing the z axis using the paper method. I then move the bit to where I want X&Y zeros to be in relation to my material. For this cut I wanted x to be zeroed right on the edge of the material and y to be zeroed about 3 in above the bottom of the material. So I put the bit there and then click 0y 0x to set each.

The model sits about a half inch from the edge of the material. I hope that makes sense.

I wound up just connecting my machine through easel last night and it ran the cut just fine. However I truly do not like the interface for machining LOL. G send was working perfect up until this.

Yeah I was not describing how I was using outline accurately. I’ve done a lot of work with lasers and know that it’s framing the model not necessarily running it in air. I like that analogy by the way. It’s just a coincidence that my model happens to be a rectangle to cut my piece out of the plywood and in that instance it should actually follow the model no?

Anyway I appreciate your time and knowledge!

I once followed that rabbit down its hole for the same reason and nothing was “wrong” in that case. You might be just a bit optimistic still on the outline function. :smiley:

I tried to reason out why gSender is running out to certain areas and then coming back to XY-zero. The only thing I can think of is they are trying to save / record that particular location as the farthest from XY-zero for the remainder of the outline function. Meh.

I cant download the file as I don’t have permission. I sent you are request yesterday.

Sorry about that. That I added that permission. Try again?

@mretuck I just ran your file in ncviewer just to get a better idea of what your project is. I was confused because in one of your posts you mention “the entire bottle”, and in others, you say that it is a “rectangle”.

In ncviewer, it looks like you have set the origin as the lower left corner, then you have a fast move to the start point of the carve, which is positive in X 15.79 and in Y 2.16.

I’ve not tried this on my Long Mill, but is this the same movement that you are seeing in Outline?

I ran the file in OUTLINE mode on my CNC.

It started from the origin X0, Y0

  • then to the Right Hand Front Corner
  • then back to the origin
  • then the Right Hand Back corner of the rectangle
  • then down the Right Hand Side of the rectangle to the Right Hand Front corner
  • then back to the origin

Is this what you are seeing in Outline

I ran it in NCViewer and got a normal rectangle with round corners and ramping. Same as gwilki

:person_facepalming: model not bottle. I shouldn’t use voice to text after cervezas. What you are seeing is what’s supposed to happen.

This is what the outline did. Just got back from a few days of working out of town. Gonna give it a go and see what happens on the next project.

This is what I was seeing on the last.

Here is your file “Welcome” running in the Outline mode on my CNC.