gSender Edge 1.2.2 observations

  1. I believe when I installed 1.2.1, it populated the macros window with macros from gS 1.1.7. I may be mistaken. Regardless, the macros list in 1.2.2 is empty. Is there a way to bring the macros in from gS 1.1.7? If not, I would like to suggest this as a new feature. I have many macros and I really don’t want to have to re-type them all. :slight_smile:

  2. The enable and disable shortcuts buttons in the shortcuts menu do nothing.

  3. Even though there are no macros in the macros list, there are macros showing in the shortcuts menu. I don’t know where it brought them from, as the list is not from my current list in 1.1.7.

  4. The baud rate in the connection window is greyed out. I am certain it was active in 1.2.1. This is not an issue for me as the greyed out value is the correct value for my setup. I use 38400, not 115200 and the greyed out value is 38400.

Thanks for the report!

  1. We changed how data was stored for program events, which means we can’t use the same file for macros/events on Edge for the time being, which is why your macros aren’t showing up. We have a migration that will move them all over for the actual release, but it was necessary to have a clean slate for the time being since it was the one portion of saved information that was shared between Main/Edge still.

  2. We’ll look into this, looks to be a small regression

  3. This is related to 1 - the migration will clean this up for actual release.

  4. It’s greyed out if connected since you can’t change the baudrate while connected. I’m still able to change it while disconnected. This behaviour is consistent with past versions.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback!

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Am I mistaken to assume that gSender 1.1.7 and or gSender 1.2.2 are the same animal other than 1.2.2 having a headless capability? Is Sienci’s long term goal to continue to develop both, I expected them to merge back after getting the wifi aspect working.

@Andy1 When Sienci announced Edge, they explained that it would be a development platform. The plan seems to be that it will always have functions that gS does not. Right now Edge 1.2.2 has several features that gS 1.1.7 does not. it’s not just headless remote capacity. I believe that the plan is that, when the test features in Edge are stable, they will be moved to gS.

I don’t speak for Sienci; I’m simply passing along what they said here and what is on the website.

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Edge will be the next major release. It’s analog to a beta or nightly version. It just gives those who want early access to certain features we’re working on that might not be completely fleshed out/we want user feedback on a chance to do so without waiting.


@KGN Tks for clarifying, Kevin.

@KGN I can add to my previous observation. I reported that the “disable all shortcuts” and “enable all shortcuts” button do nothing. That’s not correct. If you click “disable all shortcuts”, nothing happens. However, if you then close the shortcuts menu, then re-open it, all the shortcuts have been disabled.

Similarly, if you click on the icon to delete the current shortcut, nothing happens until you close and re-open the shortcuts menu.

Finally, the same holds true for setting a new shortcut. You cannot tell if the new shortcut is really set until you close and re-open the shortcuts menu.