gSender Edge 1.3.5

Hey folks, Edge-1.3.5 is released with some improvements to existing features and some more work on grblHAL support along with a few other fixes.

The coming Edge releases should have a mix of focus on general reliability and grblHAL support for the new board weโ€™re developing and beta testing. Todays release has some fleshing out of the jobs stats section added in 1.2.0 along with updating the firmware tool to work with grblHAL.

grblHAL Firmware Tool

  • EEPROM descriptions, details, and options are now retrieved from the grblHAL controller
  • Firmware table for HAL connections is now dynamically generated based on parsed options to account for the myriad new settings available
  • Changes to logic for handling specific field types based on fixed datafield types for new controller
  • Look and feel alterations - more to come

Job Stats and Maintenance

  • Job stats section has been greatly fleshed out, now showing start time, duration of individual files, and any complications running them.
  • Jobs per com port (individual machine) are also recorded
  • New Maintenance reminders - setup maintenance tasks that will remind you when due to perform routine CNC maintenance
  • Task due time is based on the runtime from your jobs
  • Let us know what else you want to know in your general jobs stats!


  • Fixed enabling rotary tab sometimes causing renderer to crash
  • Improvements to alarm and error recording
  • Fix for inline bracket comments that also have an inner bracket (similar to (this) in a comment)
  • Added warning for large results in calibration that are likely incorrect inputs
  • Fixed issue with laser offsets when swapping preferred UI units
  • Relocated firmware selector

Release can be found on Github:

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