gSender Edge 1.3.8 - shortcuts bug

I have a couple of dozen keyboard shortcuts. I have entered them into both gSender and previous versions of Edge. In the past, when I updated either gS or Edge, the shortcuts remained.

However, that has changed with Edge 1.3.8. When my shortcuts did not work today, I opened the shortcut menu and found that all my shortcuts had been replaced by what I assume are default values.

I input all my values and tested them. They all worked.

That is, until I closed and opened Edge. In re-opening Edge loaded all the defaults again, overwriting all my values.

edit: I had not seen any announcement on the forum that edge 1.3.9 is available. I see that one of the fixes involves macro keybindings not persisting. Does this also fix my issue? Some of my shortcuts work macros, but most are the jogging and zeroing type.

Hey @gwilki,

Just did a quick test and the shortcuts do persist when changed and saved in 1.3.9.