Gsender enquiry

Maybe Im missing something, but I thought that if a job stalls in the middle of execution one could start it up again on a given line. I have never been able to find that. Recently my CNC has been acting up and simply stopping at some ramdom spot in a job. Happens about 2 out of 5 times, never at the same spot, and can’t be reproduced on any given project. I don’t think its static because I don’t use the vacuum boot and I physically touch the gantry occasionally just to ground it out. This, in itself is problem, but being able to restart at a different line number would be useful.

By the time buffer catches up , you are lost. I have not had any success with any of those controls (play, pause or stop)

Along that line though I have been hoping for a gcode - editor to be incorporated…

As for the intermittent stopping , loose wires?? Don’t know.


Hi @Panamapete,

In GSenser, to Start on a Given line, you have to:
-Load up you GCode file
-Click on the Corner Area of the Start button
-You will get:
-You type the line number you want to start from (See Info below:Max Line/Last Job Line)
-Be aware that when you press then “Start from Line” button, it start!
-First time i used this feature, i was thinking i was going to have to press the “Real” Start Button again. No, Its starts from the Prompt.

Obviously, you have to:
-Know (Approximately) what line was the last one executed when it failed.
-Find the Line Number by checking the GCode File in an External Editor/Viewer
-Use the “Last Job” Number. Was not always reliable in my experience.

Let us know if it worked!

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Thanks for the help; i’ll give it a try

I’m having similar issues. Stops on some jobs and not on others, and I couldn’t get it to return to 0 at the same spot as when I started the job. I did use the “start job from line” feature and it worked great. One thing I learned: BEFORE you close the paused job, you can see the last line it carved. Once you reconnect, it will say “last line 1” or something like that. Someone suggested if you knew approximately how much time had elapsed, you can pick an approximate line number (better than starting from the beginning)
Good luck

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