Gsender Error Code

I’m getting a error code from GSender stating the feed rate info is not available. This error code comes half through the project???

Hello Tom and welcome to the forum!

This sounds like error 22 ‘Undefined feed rate’ : ‘Feed rate has not yet been set or is undefined.’

In order to help I think we are going to need a little more info.

  1. What CNC machine do you have?
  2. What program did you use to create the G-Code?
  3. What post processor did you use in said program?
  4. Has gSender worked on other files?

And if you can upload your G-Code that might help.

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@etwillis33 Welcome, Tom. I’ve moved your question to the gSender topic. I suspect that it will get more attention here.

Thank you for the help. Please know it’s appreciated.

1)I’m using a Longmill 48x30
2) G Sender
3) I’m not sure. It would be whatever came with the system
4) This has happen one other time, with that said other files seem to work.

Thank you.

I just ran the program again and notice that the laptop went into sleep mode exactly when I got the error 22 message.

Could this be it???

@etwillis33 That’s possible. You need to turn off all power saving settings, including sleep, hibernate, and all the power saving settings for the USB ports.


Yes that was the issue. On longer runs the sleep function times out and the computer stops sending the code.

Thanks again for your help.

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@etwillis33 Happy to help, Tom. Have fun.

I’m closing this topic as resolved.