gSender for Debian 12 Linux 64 on PC

I like gSender for Windows 32. I now have Debian 11 and 12 on a Dell Desktop.
Is there any chance of a package of gSener for this platform? Hopefully an AppImage


@lawrencek Welcome to the group. Lawrence.

I’ve moved your post to the gSender/Question category. There is a group in Sienci that closely monitors the gSender category and being here will ensure that they see it.

@lawrencek I was going to suggest that you try gSender in your other post but then I saw this post and found out you like gSender too.

If you check the GitHub gSender releases page you will find several packages that may be what you are looking for. There is a bullseye AppImage, a plain AppImage and a bullseye deb on that page.

thank you for that!

I am hoping to run this on a bookworm debian 12. Lets hope it works!


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@lawrencek Please report back on your results.