Gsender Freezing up

Yesterday I was cutting a long hour job. I had to pause the job, and turn off the router because I was leaving the CNC area. I usually have no concern with doing this, unless of course I lose power. However, when I came back, the router was still off of course, and Gsender indicated it was “running,” however, it wasn’t. The lines weren’t counting down, and the job cursor was not moving. So when I attempted to press any / all buttons, no response. I had to actually shut the system off. Gsender was froze and…crap! Upon restarting the computer and gsender, I was receiving an error something like, “can’t connect to server,” which I had never seen previously, quickly then it would go away, however it would not open any files. So of course in the middle of the job I had to switch to UGS :((

I did notice some people on Facebook group were complaining about Gsender freezing. Anyone else having difficulties?

@chapklc Kari: Be sure to write up a google form and send this in.

Just a question if you don’t mind. You turned off the router and paused the job in gsender. Since gsender was paused, why would you expect the lines to be counting? Another question (I lied about there being only one.). What was giving the error message, gsender or windows?

So when I returned to the project, I turned on the router and went to click on “resume” on the software…however, when I looked up at the screen, Gsender was in “running” mode. And the pause button was showing not the resume button.
I thought crap, I didn’t hit the pause button the first time, but I know I did, because the router itself paused as requested.
So I looked to make sure it wasn’t counting and the cursor wasn’t moving. It wasn’t.
The error was on Gsender upon starting. Like I said, I had not previously seen that message.

I only have the version 1.0 google form…
Don’t have the current one.

@chapklc tks,Kari. There is an icon in the upper right corner of gsender that opens the google form.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that!