gSender hung up on splash screen

Having some gSender update drama :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have a dedicated mini PC running gSender, (x64, Win 11) it’s the only program installed on it. I was previously running 1.1.7 and it ran flawlessly. Yesterday I updated to 1.2.2 and had nothing but problems. As soon as I hit the Start Job button, the Z offset changed. After several hours of messing around and wrecking parts, I reverted back to 1.1.7 but it wouldn’t start. Hung up on the splash screen.

Since then I’ve uninstalled it again (including the registry), downloaded 1.1.7 off the website again, turned off the firewall, reinstalled, and the same thing keeps happening. gSender won’t load beyond the splash screen.

I’m going to install on a separate laptop to get cutting again, but I’m curious what else to try. I’ve run my Longmill fairly steady on this computer for a year without incident. And I prefer having a dedicated computer on it :thinking:

@CodyBradford Welcome to the group, Cody.

Take a look at this thread that sets out how to do a clean install of a previous version of gSender.

That said, if you can provide more details of the problems you are having with 1.2.2, I’m sure that someone here will be able to help. There are alot of members successfully running 1.2.2.

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