Gsender loading issue

Hi everyone, I am new here and new to the cnc router world. I have a longmill mk2. Every time I load my design into Gsender. It loads way smaller then it should. Its also saying mm when all settings between both programs are set in inches. Can some please help?

We will probably need some more info to help you.

  • What program did you use to make the G-Code?
  • Is the post processor for said program in inches?

You can also share the G-Code by dragging the file into the post and I or someone else will take a look at the code and see if we can find a problem in there. If it’s some code for something that you don’t want to share you could copy the beginning of the code where the setup is done to a file and share that.

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Hi Michael
I’m using vectric pro. I have both post processors mm and inches loaded. Everything I do is usually in inches.

Not sure if you have a LongMill but your using gSender so I assume the machine is a GRBL machine. Try the GRBL (inch) or GRBL (mm) post processor depending on your preference.

They say that GRBL (mm) is more accurate, probably because inch uses more decimal places than mm. I just did a small test because I have V-Carve also. I usually use mm everywhere but in my test I designed in inches, used the GRBL (mm) post processor to save the G-Code and set gSender to inches and the view was correct in gSender for a profile tool path making a 10" diameter circle.

EDIT: Rereading your original post I see you do have a LongMill so what I did in my test should work for you.

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