gSender MAC Beta 1.0

Is anyone else working on the gSender MAC beta? I have been able to install, connect to my CNC Shield, receive status from console that it recognizes comms. However, I don’t seem to have a file open dialog. The Wizard and Setup are the only items not greyed out

@DMarconi - Welcome D’Arcy. There should be a light blue block in the lower left corner of the visualizer window that says “Load File”.

@Heyward43 All I can see is “No File Loaded” in the lower left corner

@Heyward43 Just tried gSender on my iMac running Mac OS Big Sur and visualizer is clear, including “Load File”. Laptop can only run High Sierra and visualizer is blank. Laptop OS cannot upgrade any further. Are there any updates other than the OS I can try to remedy this?

@DMarconi - Sorry D’Arcy but I’m not a Mac person. I attached a picture of my screen after loading and connecting to controller. Do you see the Load File block just above the “No File Loaded” message? I take it you are not getting that block?

I think only Windows and Mac are currently supported. RPi is coming though. You might want to submit a beta test problem form to the Sienci team.

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The problem seems to be with Mac OS High Sierra. Unfortunately that’s the machine in my shop. Problem doesn’t seem to appear with Mac OS Big Sur.

I am also anxiously waiting for the RPi port, which reflects my current setup.

Welcome to the Community DMarconi

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Installed the second Mac OS Beta and still having Visualizer issues on High Sierra. Can anyone offer any insight why Visualizer is still blank? Problem does not exist with Big Sur.

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Perhaps this is something we should look further into

Is there anything I can help with?

Perhaps if there’s anything else you can find that works normally but not in High Sierra then that would greatly help to narrow down the source of the problem. Perhaps the console might also not be displaying correctly?

I may have found a clue! A clean install of gSender throws an initial error regarding WebGL although chrome://gpu on High Sierra clearly show WebGL and WebGL2 as “hardware accelerated”

gSender 0.5.5 now provides Load File button AND Visualizer now displays properly on Mac OS High Sierra! I will attempt further tests this weekend

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