Gsender not advancing

Need help, I’m carving a grid on my spoil board. The problem is, once the first line is carved the spindle doesn’t advance to the next line. The weird thing is gsender shows the tool advancing to the next line in the visualizer, yet continues to carve the same line.

@Spliitscreativewood Welcome to the group, Mike. I’ve moved your topic to the Machine Help category. I’m sure that members will be able to help you track down the solution.

A couple of questions:

  1. What CNC are you running?

  2. Have you run successful projects before this problem?

  3. What version of gSender are you running?

  4. How did you create the grid toolpaths/gcode?

Running a Genmitsu 4030 v1 expanded to 1010. Was running it all day fine. I’m using gender 1.4.6. Made vectors from Carveco, nothing crazy to generate the code.