Gsender not connecting to my machine

So i made this attempt and the driver didnt reinstall its not showing up on my list anymore so this is leading me to believe my uno board is toast i ordered a couple of them but they are on back order so im down and out till they come hoping its not long

@Brats13 Not trying to take business away from Sienci, but you can buy genuine Uno from the Arduino project online, or clones on Amazon.

And its compatable with my contoler? I mean i already ordered them so im not gonna cancel but if i can get ine faster im all for it and ill at least have spares lol

I dont know much about this stuff would these work?? I dont see any details on the one from sienci site to compare

@Brats13 Sienci uses a standard Uno, that you flash in gSender to load it with Sienci grbl defaults. As far as I know, and anyone can jump in here, any Uno will work. I have a “test” Uno that I bought online and flashed it in gSender and I can run gSender with it just as if it was attached to my Mill.

If you are not comfortable doing this, though, the ones that you buy from Sienci will already be flashed and ready to use.

Is there somewhere online that can show me how to flash it i mean they are fairly inexpensive so i dont mind trying it myself if i mess it up not a big deal

look here

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Appreciate it thanks ill give it a go when they show up

Thanks for all the help i got my new boards in from sienci and now my laptop connects aswell as gsender so in the morning im gonna do a cut and hopfully everything is squared away again i appreciate all the help

@Brats13 I’m glad things are picking up, Shaun. Please report back when you have had a successful run and I’ll close the thread.

Im actually having an issue lol so im in the shop and im moving my gantry into position but my z axis is in reverse down arrow is up and up arrow is down how can i fix that

I got er sorted back to cuttin you can close the thread now appreciate all the help

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.