GSender not creating gcode for surfacing

i put in reasonable values. Press create gcode and I am immediately returned to main screen Help!


Verion 1.0.2 of gsender works for me , so what kind of trouble are you having.


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I take it back, there certainly is a problem with the surfacing routine, i decided to resurface my waste board after some 230 lines it stops and reports a feed error…

Not sure what’s going on


the surfacing option was not creating G-code – nada, zip, WTF. it just returned to main page. now it is creating G-code. i still have strange things happening. if I try to surface 5.5" x 8.5" blank of rough sawn wood it works fine but if I surface an 5" x 8" blank with remainder of settings identical (it saves about 30s) it leaves a ‘Mohawk’ in the middle as if it doesn’t need final pass

It seems to have issues at the moment…

Prior the surfacing routine being incorporated into gsender , we used the routine discussed her

It is efficient and does work, I went back to it after gsender gave me errors


I did too. then gsender started to work I’m confused but that’s normal. Generally I like gsender except it doesn’t like my arrow keys to jog x & y. who ever designed gsender’s graffics has really small fingers or uses a really big touch screen or a mouse. Thanks for the thoughts. Brian


If you’re still experiencing some issues with surfacing, would you mind sending me a screenshot of the configuration you had (dimensions, stepover, layer depth, etc) so I can do some further testing on it?


sure i’ll do that in the morning…


@Andy1 was gSender still giving you this issue or is it resolved?