gSender only connects for a brief time

I’ve just finished assembling my new Longmill and got as far as connecting a computer and trying to connect to the unit. The Longmill was recognized by gSender, but will only connect for a few seconds before disconnecting again.

I’m using a 2017 Macbook Pro with an adapter from USB-C to USB-A so I can use the cable provided.

Any suggestions?

@bbharvey First of all, welcome to the forum Brian. Good people, even better advice. So I use gsender with a 2011 MBP. My issue was my usb port is tired. Switched to the other port and it connected and “came to life”. While I am far from an expert on anything CNC related, my troubleshooting skills are reasonably good. I can’t see your original post, but you are using a 2017 MBP with an adapter to allow you to plug in your usb cable. Forgive me if I am wrong here. First things first, try another plug on your Mac. My 2019 has a ton of plugs to choose from. See if that fixes the problem. If not, you hopefully ruled out the plugs. Next, try a different adapter plug. Funny, I just bought a new iPad Pro and needed a micro usb to usb plug. For 8.00 I got 5 of them on Amazon. One was squashed, one didn’t work but 3 worked well. We (my bride and I) each took one and we have a spare. So hopefully, you can swap out the adapter for another one and see if that fixes the problem. I am assuming you got a cord from the fine folks at Sienci. Do you have another one laying around somewhere from an old printer? Stranger things have happened. It also sounds stupid, but have you rebooted your Mac? From time to time, I need to reboot in order for my MBP to find my CNC. Have no idea why. Do you have another computer you could try? Gsender will literally run on just about anything.

Apologize for the novel, but the last thing you need is wait for, build and when it comes to making the first moves, have this happen. Some other fine folks may chime in with something I forgot. If all else fails, Sienci has world class customer support that will help get you up and running.

Let us know how you come out Brian, it helps everyone when you do!


Thanks, Jake. I’ll give those ideas a try this morning. I have several designs already completed, so I’m anxious to give them a try.

It appears that changing the cable has done the trick. Thank you.

@bbharvey Now that @Jake has provided the solution, I am closing this thread. Have fun, Brian. Please post your work in Show Off. :grinning: