Gsender Outline & Test not working

Longmill 48X30

I’m trying to surface my spoilboard. I watched the online video and followed the steps. When I select “Outline,” it jogs the Y axis (away from me) about two inches, then does a diagonal to the far back right corner. It then follows the Y axis (back towards me) but stops short about two inches and heads diagonally back to the home (left, closest to me). It does this gradually and makes it all the way to the front (though it stopped short on the right-hand side). It would be an outline if it was a funky triangle.

If I press the Test button, something flashes on the screen indicating it’s running but nothing happens.

Finally, it had my machine listed as a 30X30. I changed it to 48X30 (as best I know how). I read that it should read what my machine is. Something wrong?

Welcome to the group @jmartin104! I can only answer/comment on the last part of your post.

As far as I know gSender cant determine what machine you have as GRBL doesn’t store that information. The size of a machine can be read from the firmware but should Sienci assume that a machine is a LongMill based on size? gSender works with all GRBL machines so they can’t really do that.

When you say you changed it to 48x30 what do you mean? Are you talking about the profile in the firmware settings? If so I think that’s just for flashing a semi-correct version for your machine. I say semi-correct because they only have one for each size machine and it can’t be correct for all options. If you have limit sensors you have different firmware settings than someone that doesn’t for example.

Update: I took out the surfacing bit and pressed play. It performed a correct outline and then appeared to run the surfacing pattern in the area I had previously designated. I stopped it, inserted the bit, then pressed play. Nearly two hours later, my spoil-board is surfaced. However, about 85% of the way through, it just stopped. I had to press pause and then play to get it to finish. So, outline and test still do not work, but it did surface my spoil-board so I’ll take the win.

The “outline” still does not work. Any thoughts?