Gsender program updates

hi all, I am trying to update my gsender because i am getting the message to do so, I download and restart and the message is still there?
any suggestions please

Same thing has happened to me on 1.0.2. I reported it on the gSender section of this forum, but that doesn’t generate any support or attention.

I’ve tried to start from scratch without getting it to install. This installation is from gSender itself.

@dbp This has been reported and is being looked into, dbp. While waiting for a fix, I suggest that, if you are running Windows, uninstall your current version, download the exe file from github and run that.

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Thanks for your reply

We’ll have some fixes for this soon. The updater we’re using doesn’t handle separate architectures well. It should more accurately install the right version based on your architecture at install time starting the next release.