Gsender resizing work

New to cnc. I bought my 48x30 2 weeks ago. I downloaded a file i made in easel to gsender. On gsender it looked correct. 8.5" x 13" It only carves 8.5" x 10". What am i doing wrong?

you may have to calibrate your steps on axis that is off.

Thanks for responding. How do I calibrate my steps?

Hey @craigstevens,

Here is the info on adjusting your microstepping. Not sure this is the issue, but it wouldn’t hurt to check.


Are they inside the controller box? Im not sure that is the issue, I was just checking it again and the x axis is fine now and the y axis is off. My auto zero touchplate is going haywire, I also cant make gsender hold the auto zero touchplate setting. Im starting to think my gsender is having a snit

I have everything but the touch plate figured out. Thanks for your help.