GSender spots in the middle of a project

GSender will spot (freeze up) when in use. If I hook up a different computer it works ok. Does anyone know what could be the fix? The computer that is now giving me problems had been working ok for 3 months. Now it will spot every time unless it is cutting out a molding project I downloaded.

Does it always stop in the same place?
Have you altered your machine profile?,
Is gsender identically configured on both computers?

It does not always stop inthe same place.
I don’t know want altering my profile is.
Yes it is configured the same

@sven sounds like a Windows update thing. Double check your power saving stuff and turn them all off.
Try a small file that you created.
Copy the file directly to the computer connected to your Longmill via hardwire network or usb stick. Don’t run it via wifi or from a cloud in Nebraska. Let us know if that helps.

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Were you able to resolve this